Mormon Problems In The West Essay

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1. How successful were the Mormons in solving the difficulties they faced in the east and in the west? The Mormons faced many problems in the east due to their strong beliefs and practices. Many of their beliefs such as polygamy and proselytisation angered the people in the east; this resulted in their persecution and migration west. However the persecution they faced did not stop in the west. The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints or the Mormons was founded by Joseph Smith in Palmyra, New York in 1823. Joseph Smith claimed to have seen a vision of the angel Moroni who guided him to some sacred gold plates that were hidden on a hillside. He believed that he had been chosen by God to lead the Mormon Church so he translated the…show more content…
They aimed to do this in a number of ways. They are a proselytising religion, which means that they try and convert others to their faith. This angered non-converts as they were fearful that the religion would rapidly expand, which it did, and this would increase the Mormons power to take over. Joseph Smith, their leader, wanted to run for president which would have had a huge effect on politics. Therefore this angered a huge amount of people as they did not want politics to be influenced by the Mormons beliefs and they did not want the Mormons to have so much power. Non-converts knew that if the Mormons had that much power then they would be able to easily spread their beliefs such as a ban on gambling and Mormon run businesses. The Mormons also wanted their own country within America that they could rule, however in the east this wasn’t possible. Therefore they decided to rule smaller things such as banks and businesses in the east. They did this when they moved to Kirtland by managing people’s money in the banks. Yet this backfired as the banks collapsed and the Mormons were responsible for losing a lot of people’s money. This again added to the hatred and persecution of the Mormons in the
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