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Mormon Afterlife Essay

  • Submitted by: davidson3462
  • on December 2, 2013
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The Afterlife of Mormons

October 13, 2013

“No unclean thing can dwell with God.” (1 Nephi 10:21)
Mormons have a monotheism belief system, they believe in one God. The beginning of your life begins in the presence of God as well as ends in the presence of God as long as you are true and faithful to him. When you are born you leave his side and enter earth to live and grow, not remembering your time spent with him. Not remembering your time spent with him is sometimes what makes life difficult, you don’t have his constant presence or physical proof that he exists, just your faith and personal knowledge. During your time spent on earth in your physical body you are to learn about joy and happiness as well as pain both physical and mental. Also you are supposed to mentally grow as a person, meaning that you are to act in ways that appease god. When you do not act in ways that appease god you receive consequences for your choices, and he allows you to repent your poor decisions.
“Breaking God’s commandments causes us to feel sorrow, but Jesus Christ made a way for us to be forgiven” (“Jesus Christ Our Savior”, Repentance) Jesus Christ died for the sins of others giving us the ability to repent our sins so that our sins never exist. To repent your sins you must have an understanding of what you did wrong and have genuine feelings of sorrow toward the sins in which you have committed. Also you are to do whatever is necessary to repent your sins and the ill effects it has brought. After you are to leave behind your sins and ill behaviors and god will as well, as if it never happened. To repent you much have full honesty and be true of heart and mind, in return when your repentance is done you will be free from sin and forgiven. Being true of mind and heart during repentance also means you must believe in God and his ways to have the ability to repent and become free from your sins. You repent so that when you die you can live with God in spirit paradise, then...

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