Morgan Slavery And Freedom The American Paradox Summary

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Morgan, “Slavery and Freedom: The American Paradox” 1. What does Morgan suggest about the relationship between slavery and freedom? In his opening thesis, Morgan suggests American freedom, and slavery, American in this case, contradict each other. It is illogical for a people to strive for freedom while, simultaneously, holding people hostage as slaves and taking away those same liberties they hoped to gain. Morgan suggests that, to a degree, Americans actually bought freedom using this same slave labor. Tobacco, the crop that simulated the early American economy and eventually assisted them on their rise to independence, was completely dependent on slaves. 2. What do the Founding Fathers have to do with it? The most “eloquent” founding fathers all had slaves, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. In fact, Jefferson was in favor of liberties for the people of America, but denied these same liberties to African Americans. Most of the tobacco mentioned as a stimulant for the American economy actually came from Virginia, 40% to be precise. And the founding fathers also hailed from Virginia. Jefferson wanted land to be equally distributed among people, or at least given to people who had none, but would refuse to let his own slaves, or others, attempt to support them in a republic, which he desired. Most of the Founding Fathers actually denounced slavery, and knew…show more content…
How did recently freed English indentured servants affect the development of slavery? The Englishmen, who came to Virginia as indentured servants, once freed, spread up Virginia’s rivers and coasts, creating their own households and plantations, similar to the ones they had once worked on. In only a few years, they too would have slaves working on tobacco farms, earning them 10 to 12 pounds a year. Without these servants being freed, slavery would not have spread past Virginia and into the rest of the colonies; thus, prolonging the existence of an economy reliant on

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