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Morgan Richey Ms.Halberg Reading Film as Text March 6, 2011 1. The story begins in Casablanca in Ricks café where and untold amount of illegal activities take place such as the sales of illegal visas to depart from Casablanca. A man by the name of Ugarti goes directly to Rick for the safe keeping of his visas that he is planning on selling to a rather high profile couple that Rick does not know. Directly after, Ugarti is arrested and killed by the courted French police force and Nazi officials who knew about the illegal visas. From there it leaves you to guess as to why and who these people are and why it is so important that they not leave Casablanca. Through subtle conversations between Rick and other characters designed to clue the audience in we find that Rick is originally from New York. He also lived in France with his loyal friend and employ Sam. He tells many people that he will “stick [his] neck out for no body” and is only concerned about himself. From here you wonder why Rick is in Casablanca and how the plot may incorporate these small but significant events/ information. The plot begins to twist a bit when you learn that a key figure in a movement against the Nazis has been on the move after escaping from a concentration camp with an unknown girl, and rumor has it that he is on his way to Casablanca to escape. This man’s name is Victor Lazlo and it just so happens that he and his still unknown friend stroll into Rick’s café for a nice dinner in Casablanca. As they are being seated Ricks friend Sam make eye contact with Victors friend the immediately lets you know that there is history between the two. Soon after being seated the girl calls over Sam to play them a song. Before he plays there is a short conversation in which we learn her name is Ilsa and she and Sam did know each other. When she asks Sam to play a song he hesitates but then

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