It is more valuable to receive advice from older friends than from those in the same age

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It is often said that older friends suggest better advice than friends who are in the same age. Some people might agree with the statement because they believe that same age friends can understand their problems better than anyone else. However, in my opinion, comments from older people are more valuable since they have more experience than friends of my age and they offer a chance to deal with my problem with a different view. To begin with, suggestion from older friends is valuable because they have experienced similar problems as mine. It is common that many people are in trouble with someone else at school or work. Thus, most of my problems are the ones which older friends have already suffered from. Since they had a chance to overcome the problem, they can give me an advice reflecting on their previous experience. For instance, I was afraid of apologizing to my parents when I fought with them since I did not have early experience before. At that time, Jun Kim, one of my older friends, let me know how to solve it, and I could get a close relationship with my parents again by taking this advice. As my experience illustrates, older people’s advice is more useful. In addition, advice from the same age friends is less valuable because most of them think in a similar way as I do. Since same age friends share a lot of experiences and learn similar things, it is hard to observe the problem with a different view. According to a research done by Seoul National University, when people were in trouble with their supervisor, counseling with friends in the same age was not effective in finding a different way to solve the problem. However, after those workers got an advice from their older friends, they easily solved the problem. This shows that people should get an advice from the older in order to receive effective solution. To conclude, old friends can give better

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