More Than Meets the Eye Essay

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Technology, Democracy, Threat? The internet, cell phones and related technologies are profoundly affecting social, economic and political institutions. Technology has always played a part in democracy, it’s getting more advanced in this day of age. The government bureaucracies and private sectors are all using technologies to enhance communications, improve access to important information and increase efficiency. The result is a strengthened democratic process and more effective government. Technology has significantly changed how strong the voice of the public can be and how the constituents are able to address and connect with policy makers. The internet provides a voice for all people and groups. Many people feel the government would be improved when there is more participation by ordinary citizens. Crowdsourcing turns the relationship between citizens and the government into more of a partnership. Crowdsourcing is really becoming the basis for democracy- gathering the needs and interests of constituents and pushing policies to fit those needs. In the United States we have, “We the People”, this site serves as a direct channel between citizens and the administration. This creates a public sphere, literally a space that citizens can govern themselves, the true definition of a democracy. Crowdsourcing leads to citizen empowerment and more informed decisions. Being part of the democratic process is a responsibility of living in a democracy. Citizen participation in the political system and public problems is crucial for crowdsourcing to work. Citizens need the knowledge to be able to participate effectively. Crowdsourcing gives everyday citizens something more to offer than just voting once a year. It allows citizens voices to be heard and taken into consideration. Transparency, collaboration and participation are the core of this strategy. As Americans

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