More Sustainable Ways to Eat Essay

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MORE SUSTAINABLE WAYS TO EAT Climate change has become one of the biggest challenge humans have ever faced. Rather than waiting for the severe impact it has on us, why don’t we consider vegetarian diets the best solution for this planet? During my life I have traveled to or lived in several places in both Eastern and Western hemisphere and have enjoyed different cultures and the cuisines that make them unique. But the more I go, eat and watch, the less my passion for food develops and I have ultimately come to this recognition : despite of current debates over the ecological impact of dietary choices, becoming a vegetarian whose diet focuses on plants for food is the most effective thing one can do to help the environment. [Sic] “no matter what you eat, someone has to die to feed you.” (Keith, 2009, p. 3). With this statement from the book The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability (Keith, 2009), many people refer to the cycle of life to account for their meat-based diets. The author who writes this book, Lierre Keith, also an activist and a feminist makes many comments and tries to convert vegetarians. Meat-eaters claim that humans have been enjoying meat for millions of years and almost everyone alive who can eat meat still traditionally does so. (While shaping their argument, meat-lovers exclude vegetarian minorities who, they suppose, intentionally choose a lifestyle different from that of everyone’s.) Also, being an essential part of our ancestors' diet, meat provides nutrients that contribute to the development of their large brain. As a result they have evolved into an intelligent species who are modern humans today. What’s more, it is natural behavior for an animal to eat another animal. In order to live, every species must get protein to produce energy, which also is the way nature works to keep balance in the ecosystem. Therefore,

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