More Language Choices for American School Essay

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According to Kristine Carraway in “Teaching Foreign Language,” finding adequate numbers of speakers of some languages for business and government is difficult. Carraway thinks that American schools should give more language choices to their students. American schools are teaching so limited and unhelpful languages. Indeed, more language choices should be offered at schools so that students can better communicate with their parents whose first language is not English and have more choices when seeking jobs. American schools should offer more language choices to help their students whose parents’ English is as a second language communicate with parents. Owning to their responsible for their families, parents have to work many hours a day; consequently, they do not have the chance to teach or use their first language with their children. In addition, many different languages are used in the United State daily. Having three children and coming to United State from Vietnam 20 years ago, my friend, Huynh, had to work 10-13 hours a day until her children graduated high school. She rarely had the chance to talk to her children, so her children almost did not learn Vietnamese from her. Thus, she and her children barely communicated with each other. Luckily, Vietnamese is being taught in Stanford University, in where her son got in 2012, as a second language choice. Her son took Vietnamese classes, so they can now communicate with each other by Vietnamese. Offering more language choices means students have more choices to seek jobs after graduation. In this global economy, Americans may live in the United State and trade with other countries through the Internet; thus the demand for the ability to speak other languages is increasing. When global companies invest in any other country, they tend to hire employees who can speak the language of that country. Students who have

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