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July, 24 2012 English Juniors Is Author a good king? It must feel horrible to have a child whose future is already told to kill you. Arthur may be a good king to his people but in general he has made some wrong decisions. Some wouldn't blame him, anyone in his position would do the same. King Arthur did it to himself, First decision he did wrong is before mordred was born Arthur had an affair with his half sister. Arthur didn’t know they were related in that case Mordred came along. Merlin is a prophet who lied to people for the fun of it. “He began as a prophet, but he became a mere trickster, and he ended as a fool,” says Neneve (40). Neneve is Mordred’s friend who helped him out when he felt upset or even needed help. Merlin predicted Mordred was to kill his father because, of the disgusting matter that Queen Morgause and King Arthur had a child together. King Arthur was told by merlin to kill Mordred and thirty nine other babies. He of course was not happy to do this but because, he was the king he could not do anything about it. He trying to be a king did was he was advised to do. Arthur did not want to disappoint his people and to prevent having a child who will kill him he picked all thirty nine babies and place them in a hull out to the sea in destine to die of hunger or drown. Mordred was the only one of those babies who survived. When people saw mordred survived that terrible thing. They really believed the lies of merlin and believed mordred’s fate was to kill his father in revenge. King Arthur most likely felt scared but that was no excuse to treat his son wrong . Mordred had the chance to talk to his father. Arthur told him “Kings don’t always do what they wished but what they are told to do”(92). This shows Author felt some sort of sympathy for his son but he could not go back in

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