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Morals Essay

  • Submitted by: karpiltoff
  • on December 2, 2013
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Children’s Morals vs. Our Morals
According to Kohlberg’s Moral Development, children don’t really grasp that concept of morals until they in their college stage of life. To children, its as if they are so serene to the idea and concept of morals. I read an interesting article that analyzed Lawrence Kohlberg’s inquisition on the configuration of morality. In the article, “How Moral Are You?” written by Roger R. Hock, shows that Kohlberg concluded that the aptitude to moralize bearings in life, promotes in a categorial pattern during out childhood years in our lives. Kohlberg presupposed that a child should reach a certain point in life and reach a specific stage and mentality in order to create the mentality level that they need. I found many things exceptional. For example, Kohlberg speculates the stages as predominant and that child perceives each stage that she or he has experienced and then has a problematic idea of the stage that is above the one they are on at that moment (197). Most people hear about the moral development stages but they don’t really know how he got his theory. The experiment was so simple. He appointed children os various ages with the “10 philosophical moral dilemmas” (197). All of these moral issues had me discombobulated and puzzled. One specific dilemma that really got me stuck was the Heinz Dilemma. The Heinz Dilemma is about a man who executes a crime to save his wife from dying. If I were the wife, I would forgive him for his actions and I wouldn’t hold it against him [the husband] because the apothecary was being unreasonable in the price that my husband was offering for the medication that I needed. In my opinion, the pharmacists shouldn’t even have a job because he or she should be helping to advocate people, not the inverse.
I liked this article, but I am also puzzled at another point in Kohlberg’s theory. Kohlberg himself did not devote himself like the other critiques have done. The shortcomings of his theory were although...

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