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Absolute Truth vs. Morality There are many controversies in today’s world that may be seen in different points of view. Some people in the world are completely against something, while there are others out there that are also against the same thing but they have their exceptions. Not all people think the same, so how do we know who is right and who is wrong? Take the death penalty for example. When someone commits a crime such as killing, we have certain people that think they should be punished to the fullest extent. However, everyone has his or her own opinion about how far the “fullest extent” should go. Do we kill the person that chose to kill another? Or do we put them in jail with food and shelter living out the rest of their life? I do not think that anyone knows the right answer in this situation. Other possibilities also come up when punishing someone with such a crime. The words accident and mentally ill come to mind, but do we punish them the same way we would punish a sick and twisted serial killer? No one in the world is perfect, so who are we to play God in this situation and take the life of someone even if they may not deserve it. I am not saying I am against the death penalty but I am not saying that I believe in it either. My mind remains undecided on this problem. Then we have another problem that many people face in today’s world. Pre-marital sex is another thing that not all people may or may not agree on. Some approve under certain circumstances such as being engaged, and even using some type of protection. They fail to realize what can happen after pre-marital sex and many people do not think about the consequences. Getting an STD, becoming pregnant and even deciding whether or not to get an abortion are only some of things that can happen after making such a decision. One night of fun may turn into a lifetime of regret. Will it be worth

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