Moral Values the Curse Form 5 Literature

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JEALOUSY The jealousy that occurs when one is favoured than the other. Azreen is jealous of Madhuri. She is always being compared to her, especially for the things that she is not, or does not have. She doesn’t have her sister’s grace and beauty, and it seems like her parents favour her sister more. “She could not stand it when her parents and friends compared her to her sister. No matter what she did, no matter how hard she tried, she could never match up to Madhuri.” Pg. 8 “It was that particular sentence that her mother had uttered in her frustration…She was not Madhuri. She was different. Why couldn’t they accept that? It was always Madhuri this, Madhuri that.” Pg. 107 Puan Fatihah is jealous of Madhuri’s existence in her marriage with Haji Ghani. Even after her death, she still cannot get her husband’s attention, what more his care. “She’s very pretty, and very sweet-tempered and respectful to her elders. And very young. She added the last sentence with a trace of jealousy which escaped her husband’s eas.” Pg. 79 “She had lost everything to Madhuri. Her silk, her husband and her life – her sanity!” Pg. 80 Asraf is jealous of Haji Ghani as he married his love, Madhuri. He couldn’t do anything though because he had nothing at that time. “I’ve loved her ever since I met her. Then that Haji Ghani came and took her away.” Pg. 204 PREJUDICE People are prejudiced when they are different from what others expect of them, or when they made past mistakes. Azreen behaves like none of what is expected of her. She is outspoken, aggressive and daring. She does things that make people think negatively of her. For example, being friends with the Old Lady. “Don’t touch me. You’re cursed. You’ve been affected ever since you made friends with the witch. But you refuse to let that rest. Instead you have brought her here and now the curse is
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