Moral Values Essay

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(1) What could the organization do to guide managers and employees in handling situations like this one? The organization could do something to guide managers and employees in such a way that either the managers or the employees do not take any kind of step that hurts the organization in their long run perspectives. In addition to that, it will also minimize their concerns. The organization should let the employees feel that their services are much needed. (2) Daniel was clearly not satisfied with Susan's explanation. What could Susan have done differently to convince Daniel to wait? Daniel was clearly not satisfied with Susan’s explanations. Susan could have convinced Daniel by changing her mode and tone of talking. She could have talked in such a manner as if she was seeking his advice about what to do in this matter. After Daniel shows his views to blow a whistle, she could have made him aware of the difficulties in adopting his ideas and could have assured him that they will certainly do what he wants at a later stage. (3) Susan does indicate that she would tell others in the organization of Daniel's intentions to blow the whistle. What are the pros and cons of this action? In the given situation if Susan does so, she will be able to prevent the entire matter being reached to the shareholders (public) or media. Important thing is that if she goes to the organization, organization might tackle the whole scenario with Daniel in a better way. Then it will be confirmed that the whole mess up would not go outside the organization, and the inflow of funds will be on the safer side. And, without donations the organization cannot do any good work, or cannot do any things what Daniel really wants. In addition to that she would also stop Daniel to blow his whistle, which would affect the organization badly.. The cons of that situation will be

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