Moral Studies Essay

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I don’t think that wrote down her privacy of sex in blog is to liven up her dignity and being honest to herself. Why she wanted to tell everyone she’s not virgin anymore in 14th years old? Does she want to be famous? Yes, maybe she will be famous, but does she know by posting about her not being a virgin is such young year will destroy her family’s image? Nowdays, many girls do not feel shy to tell everyone that she is not a virgin anymore. They feel that not a virgin being in such young year is a thing that can be proud. Maybe the most important reason that she wan to tell whole word she is not virgin anymore is she want to show off in front of her friend. Let them to know their experience. Dose their friend will jealous about what she had did? I don’t think so Besides, I think maybe the girl is curious about sex? So she is trying to having sex and shares her experience in the blog? Because, Many adult don’t talk to the sex with their kid, let alone their kids. I think that, parents should try to talking about sex with their kids. Let them know they are not ready for sex. Most of the kids trying to have sex is because of curious what will happened when they having a sex. They don’t know that having sex will increase the risk that makes them get pregnant. Furthermore, some parental belief that adolescent sex is inevitable. Many parents give some signal to their kids that, they can have sex in the adolescent age. Their approach to the subject will thus be double edged: Don’t do it, but in case you do, use this condom.” Adolescents will get the message that they can do, when they want. Girls, before you do anything please consider any consequence anything you do. You only fourteen year old still got a long
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