Moral Judgement & Facial Expression

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Statement Name: J Patel Working Title of Study: The Influence Of Embodied Cognition Such As Facial Expression Has On Moral Judgement. Brief Outline of Study: ------------------------------------------------- Participants will firstly be given information sheets which will explain the study and information such as being able to withdraw. Participants will then be given a plastic drinking straw and asked to either hold a straw between their teeth, facilitating smiling or their lips which inhibits the smiling facial muscles. They will then be asked a set of moral dilemmas. After completing this, they will be debriefed. I have completed my application for ethical approval in accordance with the guidance notes provided and declare that I will not change any aspect of the study that relates to ethical issues without first referring the changes to the Module Leader. Signature of Student__________________________ Date________ Signature of Tutor____________________________ Date_______ The Influences of Which Embodied Cognition Such As Facial Expression Has On Moral Judgement Abstract This research was conducted to investigate whether embodied cognition such as a person’s facial expressions would affect their moral judgements. Participants were asked to maintain a facial expression, either in the “teeth” condition, facilitating smiling, or the “lips” condition, inhibiting smiling facial muscles with a plastic drinking straw. They were then asked to fill out a response sheet which contained a set of moral dilemmas which they had to rate on a scale of 0 to 7. The two conditions were used to establish the different influences in which facial expression has on moral judgement. Overall, a slight difference was found between the “teeth” condition and the “lips” condition and the influence that it had upon the participant’s moral judgement. The

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