Moral Dilemma of Abortion Case Study

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Integrative Paper: Moral Dilemma of Abortion Case Study In this paper I will be addressing the moral dilemma of abortion and the issues surrounding the dilemma. Due to the fact that this issue is categorized as a “hot topic” these days in society, I will be providing ways in which both pro-choice and pro-life sides of the argument will be able to see from the others point of view. I will be focusing more narrowly at a specific case study involving the moral dilemma of abortion. The Church ought to be engaging in everyday circumstances and encounters, with both knowledge and understanding. With the intention of being able to meet the needs of those who are caught up in their own situation, needing support and love. My end goal is to produce a proposal for the Church, to be able to address this issue in society. In the case study, there is a 29 year old woman who is married and has been taking birth control. However, even though the woman has taking steps of prevention; she finds out that she is pregnant. The timing of this news is not found to be ideal by any means according to the woman. She has just been considered for a promotion at work for the vice presidential position at a large public relations firm. This is something that she has been working for and dreaming of, it now is becoming a reality, and she then views anything that comes in the way of that as an obstacle to overcome. She believes that this will bring the ultimate happiness to her life right now. Not only will it be proof of all the hard labor that she has put into the company, the late nights, weekends, and sacrifices, but it will also increase her pay. This will enable her and her husband to pay off all debt that they have accumulated. They will be able to increase their savings and plan for the next phase of their life, which would include a child at some point, but not now. She knows that

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