Moral Dilemma Case Study

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ANALYSIS OF THE DILEMMA: A moral dilemma stems from two options which both have moral implications. Choosing one alternative over the other means obeying one option and defying the other options morals. Samantha has a choice of sending her research to a non-profit organisation. This could potentially result in the drug being cheaper and easily accessible to the general public. However, this will be considered immoral as Samantha will be stealing the rightful property of Down with Deadly Disease. The alternative is to give her research to Down with Deadly Disease. She will hereby be fulfilling her obligation towards the company, but at the cost of the drug being cheaper and less accessible. Samantha faces conflicting obligations as she has…show more content…
This means that the Kantian approach is based on the rules that apply to an action. Kant’s approach does not take into account what the resolution of the action might be, regardless of how positive the result may be. The determination of whether an action is morally acceptable is based on whether the action is performed out of duty. Any action that does not stem from a sense of duty can be seen as lacking in morality. The only action that Kant viewed as moral is goodwill. Kant maintained that this duty is internal as we are rational beings and recognize what is morally acceptable. Kant does not see the need for a higher power because we innately know what is morally acceptable. Kant developed three maxims namely: categorical imperatives, universal acceptability and humanity as an end not a means (Shaw, 2014:54-57). Categorical imperatives hold that we need to do the same irrespective of the state of affairs. Categorical imperatives also hold that whatever actions we perform to be moral we must be able to make them universal law, therefore cheating would be immoral as we could not make it a universal law as no rational person would want to be cheated on. Categorical imperative will always be there regardless of our
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