Moral Development Essay

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Moral development begins at infancy and progresses into adulthood, during which time we ascertain the values, beliefs and thinking patterns that guide us to be responsible in social behavior (Coon & Mitterer, 2013). Moral development promotes positive qualities in character, personality and behavior in children. Having the ability to identify differences between right and wrong is a principle of moral development. Kohlberg’s Theory American psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg, is prominently known for his theory on the stages of moral development. Kohlberg illustrated people learn moral values through means of thinking and reasoning (Coon & Mitterer, 2013). Kohlberg’s model is cognitive in nature, focusing on the process of thinking that occurs when one decides whether a behavior is right or wrong. To investigate moral development, Kohlberg utilized a story-telling method to narrate a tale featuring a moral predicament to children of various ages. One of Kohlberg’s legendary tales has to do with a man named Heinz who is faced with a moral dilemma affecting the fate of his dying wife. The following prominent narrative consists of a moral predicament Kohlberg had utilized (Coon & Mitterer, 2013). There was only one drug that might save a woman from her deadly battle with cancer. A druggist who discovered the drug was charging 10 times the amount of what it cost to make the drug. The sick woman’s husband could pay only half the cost of the $2,000 dollars that the druggist was asking. The husband spoke with the druggist in hopes that he would sell it to him cheaper or allow him to pay later. The druggist refused the husbands offer. Desperate, the husband broke into the store to steal the drug for his dying wife. Do you feel that he should have broken into the store to steal the drug for his dying wife? Was his decision good or bad one? Why? After the closing of the

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