Moral Compass For Boats Essay

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In recognition of the hysterical and one-dimensional debate surrounding boats and people smugglers, an opinion piece titled “Moral compass for boats” appeared in the age on the third of October 2011. The piece is written by John Menadue and Arja Keski-Nummi, who have both been involved in humanitarian and immigration policy affairs. This fact not only lends credibility to the arguments proposed, but also indicates the target audience which appears to be the voting public of Australia and members of Australia’s political parties. In a moralising yet importunate tone, the writers contend that Australia is in need of a comprehensive policy approach that processes asylum claims onshore whilst also ensuring that individuals are treated with dignity and respect. Menadue and Keski-Nummi seek to contextualise the issue within grounds of morality and justice rather than one that is entirely consumed by…show more content…
The piece begins with a rhetorical question asking readers “where do we go now after the High Court decision and the political impasse?” This has an effect of including readers and making them active members in the “hysterical … debate surrounds boats and people smuggers”. The writers are critical of the government’s ability to “defend and develop good policy”, insisting that it is in “daily crisis mode”. This fearless approach in attacking the Labor party allows the readership to view the writers as assertive and outspoken members of the Australian public; thus leading readers to consider the arguments proposed in an increasingly attentive manner. Furthermore, the ballot box in the visual that is presented alongside the piece represents that the piece is targeted predominantly at voters; Menadue and Keski-Nummi utilise their authoritative background in insisting that voters are possessive of the power to influence certain government policies that the writers are critical
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