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Moral Case Study

  • Submitted by: Paquita123
  • on September 24, 2015
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Future parents yearn that their baby will be born with the absence of any medical abnormalities.   Advances in medical technology today, permit physicians to detect those abnormalities of an unborn baby and parents have to make difficult choices in which are complex and heartbreaking. The theories pertaining to the moral status of the fetus will be discussed as well as how the theory influences each recommendation of action. Lastly, the writer will explain what theory I coincide with and how the theory influences the recommendation of action as well.
Theories, Moral Status and Recommendation of Action
There are many theories that pertains to the moral status of the fetus that can be applied to decide if an anomaly is discovered. In this case, Jessica is in the middle of a difficult situation. She has to make a choice whether to pursue and go with her belief in that all life is precious and have her baby or the hopes of an increased socioeconomic independence. Jessica’s beliefs comes from the notion of life itself is what gives us moral status in which all living organisms including human beings, animals and plants, etc. (Sebo, n.d.). In her eyes, she might not decide to go through the termination of pregnancy because it is her right and it is what she believes in. On the other hand, Marco is also facing a difficult dilemma as he supports Jessica’s final decision, but also acknowledges that he is worried of having a child who is disabled and the financial burden it will cause in their lives. Conversely, it is not clear in the fetus’s exams if he will have Down Syndrome or how the extent of his disability will be. In my point of view, Marco is seeing his unborn fetus as lacking moral status in the following three theories: First, moral status agency has to do with “whether the individual is capable of making decisions or doing actions for which the individual is morally responsible” (Phillips, 2012).   Consciousness (cognitive & rationality), of which...

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