Moral and Ethical Beiefs Essay

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There are many different moral and ethical beliefs in this day and age. From a personal perspective it can behard to choose between what you feel is morally right and what society says you should and should not do. There are three primary theories that are used in todays society they are as follows, virtue ethics, Utilitarianism ethics and deontological ethics. There are many similarities between virtue ethics and Utilarianism ethics in that actions are typically based around morality rather than ethics and what society and laws says in right and wrong. Deontological ethics are solely based around what law and society says is right and wrong. Do as instructed regardless of the consequences good or bad that could happen. Virtue ethics are based around moral beliefs and that a person whom follows these guidelines will base their actions on moral character and is based around psychology and what an individual person believes to be right and wrong. Utilitarianism is based around the beliefs and thought process of what will be the best for the greater human good. An example of this is if there were to be a virus that infected many people but they were in a specific location and this virus was quickly infecting others and killing off many humans and had no treatment, or vaccine that would cure it. Would the correct coarse of action be to dissolve the people who were isolated or to take no action and allow the human race to quickly dissolve as a whole. The Utilitarianism theory would say to dissolve the community to save the human race because that is for the greater good. The Deontological theory is based around what the law and society says is correct regardless of the moral consequences. The theory that I most relate to is Utilitarianism. I relate most to Utilitarianism because from a personal experience I did what was best for the greater good rather than what I

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