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First Name Last Name History 1301 June 25, 2015 Journal Entry 4 The United States during the early 1800’s of civilization was crazy place to be. Hezekiah Niles creates a secondary newspaper entry about the main event that was transpiring during the year of 1827 called, “Indians within the United States” Some leaders within the United States of America, such as Andrew Jackson, felt that it was necessary to remove the Native Americans from their home lands and to relocate them west of the Mississippi river. This later became known as the Trial of Tears, and it highlights the cruel and harsh treatment that Americans exhibits. Around the 1830’s, five main tribes were relocated during the Trail of Tears. These “civilized” tribes were called the Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muscogee-Creek, Seminol, and Cherokee Indians. The Americans wanted the land that they were living on because it was great fertile land and also in the Georgia area gold was found. Americans where greedy people during this time period, so they did not hesitate to start the process of getting them out of there. By 1840 over 40,000 Native Americans were relocated from their original homes. Many died along the way, that apart of the reason it is called the Trail of Tears. The tribes’ future and past died of first, which is their young and old members. The newspaper article speaks on Colonel McKenney, for he was a main activist in removing these Natives from their home lands. Colonel McKenney was born in 1785 and he, “…directed [the] Indian policy within the War Department…” No type of sympathy lived inside of the colonel for he was the one controlling the entire process of removing the Native Americans. Being that this story was published in a newspaper from Hezekiah Niles, the intended audience is the public. Niles wanted to document and inform the readers of all the actions and decisions that were

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