Moors In Spain Essay

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The Overlooked Moors of Spain & how they saved Western Civilization. First of all, I chose this topic because I was interested in the moors but knew nothing about or where to start, and through this topic I learned something about myself. I found myself to be curious interested an intrigued by the dynamics of a culture. The culture of a certain area the way people dress, the food that they eat, religion, entertainment, hobbies, education styles, artistic and architectural influences are all according to their tastes, it is all relevant to the ways of thinking accepted by the people living there and the people who have arrived there these play a vital affect in the formation of culture. … And now I would like to start by saying, that aside from “New World North American Culture”: Canada & USA, which beginnings consisted of annihilating the Natives and importing slaves, many parts of the world, European countries in particular owe their rich cultural heritage to the history of overtakes and invasions. The majority of my research stems from the two foremost cited articles Spain in particular is one country in which invasions have had a tremendous impact. It has been greatly exposed to various cultures. In which The Moors have had the greatest contributions to their society; (The others include, Basques, Iberians, and Celtic People). The Moors were North African Muslim invaders/refugees of Spain. The Muslim Invaders and medieval Muslim citizens of Al-Andalus, (Present day Iberian Peninsula including: Spain, Portugal and Western Africa), whose culture is often called Moorish. In 711 AD, Muslim leader General Tariq ibn-Ziad, accompanied by 100 horses and 400 African soldiers, crossed over into Spain on what was meant to be just a scouting exploratory trip. Turned violent when he ran into a full civilization of people Tariq's small army ravaged several

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