Moorish Spain Essay

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Key Quote: “The lessons of history, like the lessons of religion, sometimes neglect examples of tolerance.” Historical Context: In the time of the 12th century lived an era of religious tolerance and perfect cohesion in the Iberian Peninsula (modern day Spain). Al Andalusia as the Moors (Spanish Muslims) would call their Iberian homeland was the host city to Jews and Christians alike. As culture, sciences, and literature flourished monks and scholars of northern Europe could only here tales of the massive libraries collected in cities like “Cordoba” housing ancient knowledge lost to the Europeans north of the Seine River. Thesis: The Moors which preserved history and culture in Spain are not only the ignition source to the renaissance and restoration that will bring Europe out of Medieval era, but also create the standards for modern day Philosophy, many architectural designs, and much of the history preserved today. Evidence: * States which existed at the time displayed “tolerant” behaviors. Though certain factions of the Iberian Peninsula waged war upon each other it was still possible for ranks to be both Islamic and Christian when fighting side by side. * Libraries in cities such as “Seville” and “Cordoba” to this day hold thousands of volumes of recorded history and stories passed down to us from ancient Greek and Roman times, much more expansive than that of the Holy Roman Empires. * Spanish Christians held many principle staples of Moorish influence even after the “Reconquista” of the last Moorish states. Inscribed on the Tomb of King Ferdinand III of Castile lays the text “save Granada” the city that would become the Arabic hub to the European world and last Moorish stronghold in Christian Spain. Conclusion: The Moorish presence in Spain can be accredited for the accuracy and existence of history books today. Without the tolerance shown to

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