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Katie Shell Moore Critique Michael Moore, a world known filmmaker, is also an astounding writer and social critic(). In 1996, Moore wrote a piece about GM and other companies called “Why Doesn’t GM Sell Crack?” In this piece, Moore is explaining businesses logic from his point of view because of what he has heard. He talks about businesses doing anything and everything thing they can to make more profitable money at virtually any cost(254). One that Moore brings to our attention greatly is the loss of jobs and impact on communities. He talks about businesses picking up and leaving workers stranded with no jobs because by moving they can make, in some cases, just a small percent more than what they were with their business being there(253). He says companies will do anything to make that extra dollar. He says companies may as well sell crack because they could profit much more. However, companies will not do this because it is illegal(254). With this said, Moore believes companies’ unfair actions toward employees should be illegal, then and only then will companies refrain from their unfair acts. Moore does not state his exact opinion until later on in this article in which he says, “I think it's time we applied the same attitudes we have about crack to corporate downsizing. It's simple: if it hurts our citizens, it should be illegal” (255). This statement happens to be a claim of policy because he is proposing what should be done along with what he thinks. I think Moore has a very valid point in this piece and I completely agree with what he is saying. The author supports his claim by appealing to the reader’s sense of morals. He does this by talking about companies moving businesses and ruining communities of working people. He states, “It is wrong to make money off people's labor and then fire them after you've made it. It is immoral for a CEO to make millions

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