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Larry uses an appeal to tradition as his reasoning. We do not qualify “that’s how it has always been done” as good reasoning yet Moore is quick to accept that answer. He does not really make an effort to challenge the response he was given, only questioning what political party Larry belonged to. By allowing this logical fallacy to be over looked, the viewer is even more curious for the answer. It may be a question too complicated to answer with complete concrete reasoning that Moore chooses to accept Godfried’s answer to avoid what may weaken his argument for universal healthcare. The viewer is forced to question if moral beliefs are the only reason why one would be accountable for paying a fellow citizens hospital bill. With such a weak response to an important question, the scene in the documentary seems unfulfilling to the viewer, supplying another flaw in Moore’s credibility. Moore does bring up an important issue that surrounds the United States today. Back in 2007 we were a country that sat right above Slovenia and below 22 other countries in the world as far as healthcare was concerned, a number that brought concern. Although Moore brought light to the issue, his poor use of authorities weakened his argument as a whole. While great points were presented, they seemed outweighed by the unfulfilling feeling brought by weak or unanswered questions. Regardless, we have become a country that has made change in our healthcare industries. With great efforts made by our President, we strive for Obama care. The issue of healthcare providers denying applicants due to what they called “preexisting conditions” is one being addressed as healthcare will now be for everyone. The 50 million who were once uninsured will now have the opportunity to afford healthcare. Certainly we have not reached a universal healthcare, but with a push for it, we may not be too far

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