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[pic] BUS M&L 4203: MARKETING STRATEGY, AUTUMN SEMESTER 2014 THURSDAYS A. COURSE SYLLABUS Instructor: Vasu Unnava, Ph. D. Office: 313 Fisher Hall Office Hours: By Appointment & Telephone: (614) 292-3212 Special Hours for Final Exam URL: Email: Required Course Pack: Course packet is available from UNIPRINT in bookstores. Note the name of instructor (VASU UNNAVA) on the packet. Supplementary Course Material: All other course materials such as case assignment questions, work sheets etc., will either be made available on CARMEN or given out in the class. Course Objectives: Marketing strategy is the key part of marketing processes. Decision makers in corporations understand the influence of environmental factors, recognize potential opportunities and threats in the market place and use marketing tools, research, and planning in creating successful marketing strategies, which will provide sustainable competitive advantages to the businesses. You will develop and improve your qualitative and quantitative analytical skills, written and oral presentation skills by applying your knowledge of marketing principles to real business problems. You will create, recommend marketing strategies and defend them. You will make a formal presentation of your marketing strategy. To be a successful marketing strategist, you should understand the problem, the underlying causes, and provide justification for the marketing strategy. Class Format: Marketing strategy course is based on business cases. We will use case presentations by groups, discussions, team interactions, critiques and evaluations. If you cannot attend regularly, you should not plan on taking this course this semester. Attendance, active, insightful and ongoing participation in class discussions are critical to your

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