Montgomery bus boycott Essay

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The Montgomery Bus Boycott 1955 ‘‘My feet is weary, but my soul is rested’’ Mother Pollard The Montgomery Bus Boycott, Alabama was a one-year protest that started the The American Civil Rights Movement. Rosa Parks, regarded as an icon of the boycott was the one who sparked a crucial chapter in the history of the CRM. She refused to give up her seat to a white man on the bus and allowed that event to be used as the reason to commence the campaign not only against segregation on buses but the entire protest against racial segregation. The final outcome of the boycott was that the Supreme Court of the United States decided that racial segregation on buses was unconstitutional. Blacks who lived in Montgomery faced segregation in their everyday life. Public facilities like schools, theatres, restaurants, parks, buses were divided according to the color of the skin. The law discriminated blacks in many ways; they were refused the right to register and participate in elections, through unjust jailing and executions. In addition they were banned from holding public offices and had very limited choice in terms of occupations they could perform ( Burns. “Daybreak of Freedom”, p.25) The segregation law of the bus system was one of the major areas of resentment among Montgomery blacks in that times. They constituted 60% of the bus clientele but very often faced oppressive conditions on buses. Derogatory names such as “nigger”, “black cow” and “black ape” were used by the bus drivers on regular basis, all of who were white. Sometimes blacks were asked to pay their fares in the front of the bus and then walk to the back door to board

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