Montessori Child Psychology Essay

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Your Ref.: Lot 93/ wdls/ 2012 Our Ref: 70/wdls/ext 1 Mr.Sanele Bhembe The Director Project WOODLAND HOUSING PROJECT EXT . 1 Dear Sir, In respond to your letter SNHB list Plot 93 Plot 93 : According to your specification we did followed the size and with of your appliances (Fridge) we are no responsible for miscalculation ,this has been happened Four ( 4 ) months ago , why complain has been discuss now. According to our point of view the owner should be more considerate of the changes of the measurement which is not on the plan. 2) Light Fitting : we are not responsible for the broken fittings and any fault , beside theirs an extra amount we paid for the light fittings which is the total of E 5,415.71 which the owner has to pay the balance of E 915.71. 3) complain dust coming in the house is not the constructor tour of duty of responsibility for this matter this is very unreasonable complain , dust and any particles coming inside the house can’t be prevent, but we can lessen it buy start planting grass and door dust stopper and clean your environment as we all do. Why the interrogation of my project , is just coming NOW, is this because we are requesting or we are demanding for our final claim for work we have done: we want our final claim to be released today 21.09.2012 on this houses(31-57-64-93-117-133& 140). Thank you Yours truly Nabi
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