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Catherine Hughes 11/04/10 ECE Professor Meo Montessori Maria Montessori was born in 1870 in Italy and was the first woman to graduate medical school in Italy in 1896. She believed that experiences in the environment shape a child. She provided hands on training for teachers. Intrinisic motivation was a big part of what she did. While she was a doctor she became involved with mentally retarded children. She studied philosophy, physical anthropology, she wanted to reform education. She took over Casa De Bambani and became head of the center. She learned from observation children ignored fancy toys, and did more meaningful tasks. Montessori made a prepared environment and trained adults. She found that the early years have great mental growth and that they have great physical and mental energy. She coined “normalization”- concentration is key. To grow intellectually rooms have to be asthetically pleasing and there was to be lots of activities inside and outside, lots of things for the children to choose from. Classrooms have children ages three to six. At this age a child learns to judge , and gains self confidence and logical thought patterns, controls impulses and can concentrate on tasks at hand. Math and concrete materials are available to children. Art and music is also available ,self discipline is developed as is freedom. In the Montessori program the child works at his or her own pace. The three to six year old program runs three hours. Freedom of Discipline goes hand in hand, the child learns life skills. Another one of her guiding principles is that the child is active and the adult is passive. Montessori wanted to free children from adult domination and children teach themselves. The adult is the custodian of the classroom. Lessons are short and there are periods the first one is naming and the second is recognition. The child is encouraged

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