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The Montessori classroom is designed in such a way that all activities gear themselves naturally toward the development of the skills required for oral and written language and reading. Language development is also encouraged in the classroom because of the freedom of conversation allowed to the children. In the Montessori environment encouragement of self expression is fostered through communication between children and their peers and children and adults.</p> <p>In the Language area of the environment, vocabulary is enriched in a number of ways. Precise names are used for all of the objects and apparatus. Vocabulary classification and matching exercises develop visual perception, enrich vocabulary development, and develop the left to right movement.</p> <p>A child will continue to progress at their own pace through the reading program. Concrete concepts lead to abstract ones. A child in the Montessori classroom develops a sense of wonder at his own powers and this wonder becomes a motivating force toward further acquisitions.</p> <p>I am going to take you through the steps of the reading program I put together. It is based on the California Phonetic Reading Program along with a mix of other reading programs that can be found in a Montessori School. I hope it can be helpful for teachers as well as homeschoolers. I began to make my reading boxes with pictures I acquired from my Montessori training in San Diego, California. At this time they were black and white pictures that we colored - each one!  Today you can purchase many reading program pictures from various web-sites to begin building your reading program, without the step of coloring every picture. My reading program is on the older side but still very effective! Always have a variety of beautiful books available for children to have access to as well as reading

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