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Montessori Essay

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Evaluate two of the above philosophers’ views on the importance of activity n the education process.

Maria Montessori:

Activity is extremely important in Montessori’s philosophy for education. She referred to the hand as an instrument of the brain and said that refinement of movement of the hand was crucial for the development of the brain. All of Maria Montessori’s materials involve activity, even those which focus on grammar and compound multiplication “work with the hand is always deeply connected with concentration, according to Dr. Montessori. When the hand is actively involved the child concentrates and learns more easily” (Healy Walls, 2007: 31). Children who attend a Montessori school do not play with toys, they work with materials, and these materials are centred towards the children’s development and teach them valuable life skills. Materials to teach the children everyday life skills such as, pouring, dressing oneself, cleaning, counting, and many more are all accounted for within the Montessori curriculum. The Montessori curriculum comprises of five areas, each with many activities to aid the child’s development. These areas are;
  * Practical life
  * Sensorial
  * Maths
  * Culture
  * Language
Maria Montessori believed that children learn best by doing, and the pre-school age of 2-5 years is the most precious time for development as the child’s mind is sponge-like, whatever they learn at this age will stick with them.   The adults following Montessori’s views work as observers “the adult must learn to stand back and not interfere, yet they must observe what is going on” (Healy Walls, 1993: 45).   They do this by presenting the work to the children then letting the children work freely with it as they please.

Frederich Froebel:
Activity is a main factor in the philosophy of Frederich Froebel teaching. He labelled his belief in education as ‘free self-activity’, that children should be allowed to be children and to do what they...

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