Monstrosity Essay

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Final Eng 308J The definition of monstrous is by no means a singular definition. It is constantly changing its form and meaning depending on the situation and person reading the word. To many individuals, mass murder, and horrific school shootings can all appropriately be described as monstrous. Mass school shootings and murders have instilled fear in the public, yet they are not uncommon in the society we live in today. Fear of these situations derives from the fact that anyone can be a victim to this monstrosity and that there is often no warning or indication until it is too late. The murderers that perform these massacres are labeled as monsters and their actions are viewed as unimaginable. The first of the three cases is the notorious columbine shooting that occurred on April 20, 1999 and was carried out by two teenage boys, 18-year old Eric Harris and 17-year old Dylan Klebold. The two teenage boys killed 13 people and injured 23 in what is still today the worst high school shooting in America. After rampaging the school and terrorizing their fellow peers and teachers, the two teenagers also took their own lives. Time’s magazine named Klebold and Harris ‘monsters’ on their cover shortly after the event, accompanied with the headline “The Monsters Next Door, What made Them Do it?” There are many possible explanations as to why Columbine occurred; Reports indicate that violent videos and games may have been an influence along with the larger problem of bullying. Both young men had websites and kept journals, documenting their disdain of and hate towards their peers and school. They also produced violent videos together showcasing their guns and weapons which were used in the shooting. Regardless of what influenced Klebold and Harris to reach the point that they did, they will continue to carry around the label of monsters because of their actions, and the
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