Monster Journal Entry

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Monster Journal Entry In Monster by Walter Dean Myers, has a unique style of writing Monster. Steve Harmon is 16 years old and is in jail and on trial for having a hold-up and shooting and killing the store clerk. The different kinds of writing that is in Monster are writing like a screenplay, stage direction, diary, first person and flashbacks. Myers includes a first person and a diary perspective. Harmon discusses his reaction in his journal to the reflection in the mirror, “When I look into the small rectangle, I see a face looking back at me but I don’t recognize it. It doesn’t look like me” (Myers 1). Myers decides to start off the book with Steve’s first journal entry to show the reader what it is like to be in jail from the perspective of a teenage boy. Half of the book is written in a movie script, which enables the reader to know exactly what is going on. Throughout the book Myers includes dialogue that would appear on a movie script. They use phrases such as; “CUT TO: LONG SHOT (LS) of PETROCELLI. She stands at the podium in front of the JURY. She smiles at the JURORS, and some smile back” (Myers 20). I like how the Myers includes the “script” because then the reader knows who is talking at all times and can tell their personalities from the dialogue. Along with dialogue and journal entries Myers includes photographs and flash backs so the reader can see what Steve looks like and what the jail looks like. On page 56 there is a picture of Steve in his cell staring at the corner. Myers visually shows this so we can see how depressed Steve is and to show that he may be innocent since he looks so
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