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The Product Monster Energy is the fastest growing energy supplement beverage in the market. Hansen Beverage Company, a subsidiary of Hansen Natural Corporation, launched Monster Energy drink in 1997 marketing it with an edgy and innovative extreme-sports image using their “ Unleash the Beast” tagline. It is differentiated from the market leader, Red Bull, by using innovative ingredients ginseng, guarana, and gingko biloba. In 2002, breaking away from the slim cans employed by energy brands such as Red bull, they packaged Monster Energy in a 16-ounce can. The brand’s success comes from its creativity and ability to target specific niches and market segments to position a new product. “Hansen has continued to solidify its focus on the profitable energy drink market through packaging and marketing innovation, specifically focusing on what it sees as “personality” niches within the category’s consumer demographic”(Creating a Monster). Hansen created a separate company called Monster Beverage Company, to form a distinct image and brand identity that is associated with extreme sports. The brand is very unique and used to stand out against the competition. Hansen also launched a product line, which includes a low-carb version of Monster Energy, Monster Assault, and Monster Chaos to appeal to specific consumers. “ In early 2004, Hansen teamed up with Lost Enterprises, a surf and apparel company, to create…Lost energy drink, which is targeted to the hard-to-reach 15 to 25 year old demographic”(Creating a Monster). Monster Energy has been wildly successful. Capturing 20% of the energy drink market share and winning the small company of the year award, Hansen achieved record sales in 2003 with net sales of $110 million. While Monster Energy is a small company, they think big and are continually looking to improve and become more innovative in their marketing efforts. In

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