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220933659 SOC 383 Writing Assignment Winter 2013 Part 1: Description The autobiography Monster takes you into the world of Kody Scott, aka Monster, and his journey through gang life. He gives every detail from his initiation into the Los Angeles Crips all the way to his leaving the gang and prison…and then going back again. After many years of living the harsh gang life that included murdering people, vandalizing, and robbing people he quickly made a name for himself. He spends his youth in and out of camps, jails, and eventually ends up in prison. It is there that he turns to religion and educating himself the best way he could and used that to transform himself to a black nationalist known as Sanyika Shakur. From the very beginning of the first chapter this book showcases many acts of violence. Monster was only 11 when he was jumped into the Crips. He was beaten by older men much bigger than him and not long after was made to go on a mission to prove his worth. This mission included shooting and killing the enemy, Bloods. Killing people of the rival gang became a thing of comfort for Kody. He was given the nickname Monster after beating a man so badly that the police said that only a monster was capable of such violence. His acts of violence quickly escalated with the new nickname. He killed people on a regular basis and with a new set of enemies he said, “Tonight is the night and I’ll never stop until I’ve killed them all” (11). He pledged his life the total destruction of his enemies and wasn’t afraid to die trying. He had a large selection of weapons and made sure to carry at least one firearm with him everywhere he went. Even when he was with his own mother he carried a gun, and even used it in the market once when he saw an enemy. Knowing that his mother was just an isle or two away, he shot at the enemy to avoid being the target. He quickly gained a

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