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Monsanto Kari Gosman MGT3000 The Monsanto Company has been around since 1901 (Ferrell, O., & Fraedrich, J., Ferrell, L. 2011). It has been making numerous products that range from sweetener for Coca-Cola, Agent Orange to help with the wars, RoundUp for farmers, to mastering the genetically modified seeds that some farmers still use today. Monsanto has become well known by farmers is most of the United States and even in 66 countries around the world. This company may sound great but it has definitely had its flaws. Monsanto has done some very unethical things in the many years that they have been producing products. All unethical situations come with a price and it is at the price of the stakeholders and how they look at. Monsanto also has the positives and the negative that come with a genetically modified crop seed and the potential to harm the animal life. When the Monsanto Company started the business in 1901, they started out making the sweetener and then quickly went into making plastics and its own agricultural chemicals and rubbers. When the company hit the first of many legal problems, it was with the chemical Agent Orange. This product was found to be extremely carcinogenic. Hundreds of soldiers claimed that they were harmed by the chemical. (Ferrell, O., & Fraedrich, J., Ferrell, L. 2011) The next legal issue was when the company was dumping a highly toxic chemical into the open-pit landfills and into a creek. This was detrimental to the company causing the fish to be deformed and the PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) levels were extremely high. (Ferrell, O., & Fraedrich, J., Ferrell, L. 2011) Monsanto has also been faced with the legal issues of bribery. The employees were paying off the officials in Indonesia for the bypassing of environmental studies. With all the legal issues that the company has had the stakeholders have to

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