Monroe Park Observation

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Monroe Park Campus I went to Monroe Park at the VCU campus. I pass it everyday on my way to my home, but last Thursday I observed few things I would not realize if I did not walk there with a partner for a while and watched everything carefully. I could not help but notice the shape of the park and how complicated it is. All the ways are crossing each other. A large group of people was setting with each other, talking in a language I could not understand, some of them were eating, and the others were just laughing. My partner, Richi, and I tried to approach them and talk to them, but they were talking and so into each other, so we did not want to bother them. On the left side of those people, there was a person sleeping under a sign saying "NO PARKING!" Another couple were sleeping and holding…show more content…
I am a shy person, I do not get a long with people that fast, so Richi being friendly, and outgoing to the people we interviewed, helped me a lot. We walked towards Kroger and we interviewed some people. Only one who got my attention, and he was a homeless person. His name was Adam. A man who made me think a lot about what he said after we left him. He said that the buildings, people, and the books we study changed a lot since he came to the VCU twelve years ago. The names of the buildings changed because more buildings were built for the huge amount of the new students. The students themselves and how do they react with each other changed. He said that students used to be introverts, conservative in their clothing and most of them were not friendly at all, and he used to have tough times when asking for money. Now, as he said, students ware whatever they want, talk to whomever without boundaries. We asked him if he likes it now more or before, he preferred not to answer but nodding his head as if it has no for both! Then, my partner, Richi, and I walked around the campus, saw the old buildings and the new ones, and watched the

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