Monroe Doctrine Dbq Analysis

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The Monroe Doctrine was necessary to keep Europe out of North and South America. It was needed so that countries in South an Central America could remain Independent. In 1823, British Foreign Minster, George Canning suggested that the U.S. should join with Great Britain to get the European nations to leave the former Spanish colonies alone. If we joined Britain, it would have made the revolutionary war and war of 1812 meaningless. We might as well have been a British colony once again. So, in Monroe’s state of the union message, he said that the U.S. would not Interfere with any existing colony in North or South American European colonies. The United States and Europe had different political systems that should not be mixed. So the U.S. would keep out of purely European affairs. At first, no one really thought this Statement was important at first but it went on to…show more content…
It shows how America stands for freedom. However, in document two, America stands for freedom. However, in document two, it portrays Washington D.C. being burned down and citizens talking about his mistake. Both of these documents talk about how concerns for the European nations are still alive during this time and the time the Monroe Doctrine was announced. In document one of the second set of documents, Jefferson’s opinion is to join Great Britain because they were the strongest country in the world at the time. So he figured that if we were on there side they would not be a threat. So in conclusion the Monroe doctrine was important because it kept European nations like France and Great Britain out of North and South America. The revolutionary war and war of 1812 would have been meaningless, if it was not for the Monroe
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