Monroe Doctrine Essay

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1. History of the Monroe Doctrine o The thinker primarily responsible for the doctrine was Monroe's Secretary of State, John Quincy Adams. The Monroe administration asserted the United States' primacy in the region by declaring the Western Hemisphere off limits to would-be European colonizers. Although the United States had virtually no military power to speak of at the time, the burgeoning British Empire approved of the Monroe Doctrine's tenets, chiefly because it kept South America free of Spanish colonial influence. 2. The Doctrine in the 19th Century o While Britain's powerful navy enforced the Monroe Doctrine as part of its Pax Britannica, the United States annexed Hawaii and made protectorates of Puerto Rico and the Philippines. Proponents of the Monroe Doctrine vigorously argued that it justified the forced removal of Spanish authority from Cuba. This led directly to the Spanish-American War. The subsequent cease-fire negotiations ceded to the United States the area now known as Guantanamo Bay. 3. The Roosevelt Corollary o In 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt amended the Monroe Doctrine with his Roosevelt Corollary. It reserved for the United States alone the right to intervene in ill-managed or irresponsible Latin governments. Against criticism that the corollary was imperialistic, proponents asserted that it would undermine foreign nations seeking to exercise influence in the Western Hemisphere. During Roosevelt's presidency, the military power and ambition of the United States grew exponentially: Central and South America became indisputably the backyard of the United States. 4. The Monroe Doctrine and the Cold War o The Americas became a hotbed of activity during the Cold War. Alleged communist influence was seen in the rise of many left-wing factions in Central and South America. Other evidence suggests that the blossoming of these radical

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