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Monotone People Aristotle Essay

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  • on May 10, 2011
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Aristotle and Plato have contrasting views on ethics. Aristotle believes that virtue is necessary for happiness, while Plato says that virtue is enough for happiness. The difference between the two is that Plato feels that body is a prison for the soul, and that the body and the soul are two different things entirely. They are capable of maintaining independence form on another. For Aristotle he claims that the body and soul are two different things, one that consists purely of matter and form. He sees everything in the universe being composed of matter and form, so it is conceivable that he is to see humans in that same aspect of matter and form. To Aristotle form is simply the way matter is arranged. For example, a cat is composed in a feline way, and that is what makes a cat. Human beings for that matter have a unique method of structure as well, and that is their form.   Aristotle’s concept of the soul without body or body without soul is non-existent. Plato expressed how things should be through using vague language and poetry of the sort.
The second essay assigned for this class will deal specifically with Aristotelian philosophy and the arguments and ideas developed in the readings we covered.   The particular focus of this essay will deal again with either his metaphysical understanding of the foundational nature of being or the nature of the human soul. You are entirely free to determine precisely what it is you wish to write on so long as it is loosely related to things discussed in class or the readings. Examples of possible topics you might choose to write on include:

1.The ontology of both Plato and Aristotle introduces the concept of “ Form” as a way of explaining reality, but each philosopher uses this concept in very different ways.   Explain what this concept means to each philosopher, how it functions to explain reality and how the two views differ from one another.
2.Both Plato and Aristotle introduce the concept of “Soul” as a way of...

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