Monothistic Religion Essay

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What is a monotheistic religion? A monotheistic religion is the belief in one god There is 3 main monotheistic religions Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Today I am going to be talking about only one of the monotheistic religions Islam and comparing it to one of the polytheistic religions Hinduism I will be talking about all the differences between Islam and Hinduism. In Islam god transcends beyond the limits of space, time and gender. Revelation god revealed his will and law to humanity through the Quran. Salvation Is life after death and judgment day will result in eternal reward or punishment Depending on god’s mercy. In Islam there were many prophets who guided the people to the right paths and the last prophet was Muhammad (P.B.U.H) there is only one Sacred book in Islam and that is the Quran. In the Quran God tells us what is haram forbidden and halal unforbidden. God tells us how we should live our daily lives. Allah tells us who we should look up to as a role model. The Quran is the final revelation to humanity by Allah. The Quran continuously talks about avoiding violence to be just gentle in speech, forgiving and patient. For e.g in verse 49:10 it says the believers are but a single. Brotherhood: so make peace and reconciliation between your two brothers and fear Allah that ye may receive mercy. In Islam once someone dies we wash the body then wrap it with a white cloth then we pray that Allah (S.W.T) may forgive the dead then we bury as soon as possible. Hinduism Is a polytheistic religion. Their main book is the Vedas. In Islam the first pillar is the shahada the belief in one God but in Hinduism the belief in in many gods. Islam there is the hereafter once you die so you will either enter heaven or hell depending on your deed after judgment day but in Hinduism there is reincarnation and you have to be very good in order to get
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