Monopolies Essay

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MONOPOLIES Monopolies are ways to control people through the market. This type of control makes people buy things they need for prices that probably can go higher than any other standard product or good. The government itself is a monopoly; it can establish literally any law or regulation as it sees it fit into society. Of course the government is another kind of control which works closely with big corporations to establish efficient methods to control a certain market, and in most of the cases, the government itself owns most of the stocks and shares for those big corporations like Dell, one of the biggest computer making companies in the US, not forgetting the fact that the US government owns merely a large quantity of other big companies and or corporations around the world. The fact that Microsoft, for example, went on trial when its competitors filed a complaint against the corporation for monopolist, and the fact that there have been little results about this subject, leads us to the conclusion that the government itself owns part of the so-called monopoly, in which Microsoft is being controlled and guided by the same government. All this went on the news a few years back, but it just looks like the government manipulated this, so they will think that justice was done. Some people may not be realizing the fact that the government controls most of the big corporations, which get the biggest contracts from the government; it is all part of what we could call a cover up of the truth. Let's take for example Demolition Company, the one that was in charge of picking up all the debris and remains from the Oklahoma City Bombing site, and responsible for taking care of all debris from ground zero in New York City as well. Demolition Co. is one of the biggest companies in the US, and the fact that the government made a contract with this same

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