Monologue of Estragon

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Monologue of Estragon I’m sick and tired of waiting around, nothing to do, no one other than you to see. Let’s face it, our lives are over. I always have to be told what is right and what is wrong, I’m a grown man for crying out loud! I shouldn’t have to be told what to do with shoes and how to wear them. What’s wrong with me? I’m frustrated, living makes me angry. Every day, I get attacked and beaten by a bunch of... how can I say it... Imbeciles. What did I ever do wrong to deserve this wretched life? All this waiting, for what? My life is damn boring. I have no memory beyond what is immediately told to me, what would I do without Vladimir to remember critical information for me? I am impatient and I am desperate to leave Vladimir, what good is it going to do me to always have a translator and personal dictionary? I suppose I couldn’t live without him... I know what to do! We should break our boredom by hanging ourselves! What is the point of my life...? I am a body without intellect; I have no impact on the world. I shouldn’t have to live anymore. What if we did hang ourselves? Our deaths wouldn’t cause any harm to anyone but ourselves, tis rather a selfish thing to do really, but no one would miss us. By now we have probably been forgotten, perhaps a distant memory... or maybe not even one at all... I wonder what I need in my life, what does a homeless man with only one friend and no money or reputation need? Death perhaps? A job is out of the question, you’d have to be downright stupid to employ me, I’m nothing but a useless waste of space. I wonder what this Pozzo character is after... perhaps I will make a new friend! Let’s hope I can make a good impression. Perhaps, just this once, I’ll be able to make conversation by myself without the aid of Vladamir, that’d be nice. Vladamir, what shall we do? I say we should ask for some money, that’d be nice,

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