Monologue For To Kill A Mockingbird

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No, no, not at all, sir, I can state my name for the school’s administrative records; that isn’t any trouble at all. Well, Superintendant, my name is Miss Caroline Fisher and I’m from Winston county. You hired me to teach Maycomb school for the first graders with my contract starting on the 1st of September 1932. Sorry, sir? Oh you want me to state why this interviewis happening between you and me for the recording? Well, sir, there was an altercation today at school between myself and three of my students. Disciplinary action had to be taken and another teacher, Miss Bluont, was called in to assist. I know, sir, that this recording is just procedure but I honestly don’t think that I am to blame for the incident that happened today;…show more content…
I had no idea that there would be kids like Walter and Burris Ewell who would be shoeless and riddled with pig borne diseases. I was horrified. For a Christian town, you sure don’t look after your own even when the crash hits. Anyhow, to put my money where my maw is, I thought I’d do a Christian deed and offer a nickel to Walter Cunninglham for his lunch meal, as he had none. But the little tyke wouldn’t take it if you believe it. And then Jean Louise Finch sassed me once more over it. That right then was when I specifically whipped her but it could’ve been whipping air fo all the good it did. It was humiliating the way the class laughed at me; just humiliating. I ask you, Superintendant, how on earth am I supposed o know what a Cunningham is or isn’t? Or a Ewell? These children, these children who just do not know about how to be children, expect me to know personal circumstances. I ask you. I’m a well-eddicated lady and I’m trying to revolutionise this school with my teaching, but it isn’t going to be possible if I can’t get control of a class of six year olds. I know, sir, don’t give up; I suppose the kids mean well. Though their pity makes me angry, I appreciate their comforting gestures. I guess that I will just press on. That’s all we can do in this day and

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