Monologue for an Onion Essay

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Luigi Falcon Professor Sills English 100 4 August 2012 Analysis of Metaphor in “Monologue for an Onion” In the poem “Monologue for an onion” by Suji Kwock Kim, the onion signifies the poet and the character she seems to be referring to in the poem, is her companion. The metaphoric onion is used to send a message to this companion of hers, telling him, she’s just like an onion, which is heartless and has no core, so he needs to stop trying to dig and uncover this core that doesn’t exist. Her companion in the poem is portrayed as being obsessive in trying to find a core beneath her flesh. The tone of the poem is set when the poet becomes frustrated with her assumed companion and uses the metaphor onion to show how unemotional she is. An onion has many layers of skin. In the poets case, the furthest layer from the middle of the onion, which she refers to as her outer skin, is what everyone sees. The outer layer is the same as every other layer down to the middle, which has no core or heart. In the poem, the poet believes that she too lacks a heart. That is why she chose an onion to represent herself. She portrays her companion as “peeling away my body, layer by layer” (3) and just throwing the onions layers aside like “all the debris of pursuit” (5). What she’s trying to portray, is her companion believing, that he’s stripping away her defenses and just discarding them like trash. She argues that what her companion believes to be her defenses is actually comparable with the rest of her because she’s the same throughout, just like an onion. She says this adequately in the stanza “Lies another skin: I am pure onion—pure onion of outside and in, surface and secret core” (8-9). Meanwhile, her companion keeps digging and thinking he’s going to find that secret core, but is repeatedly let down. In the poem, she says “I mean

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