Monologue - Boy At War Essay

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English Monologue My eyes are like the eyes of a hurt animal. The world is spinning around me. The Green Beret’s eyes are full of hunger, hunger for me and everything I know. I can picture my father. What are they going to do to him? Or more importantly, what are they going to do to me. He keeps walking round me like a dog marking its territory. He screams at me and kicks me, he wants me to talk. My eyes flood with tears, enough to fill an ocean. But still, I’m staying strong. They’ve taken my father away; he went behind the forests green walls. “Right kid, tell us where they are, tell us where or your father – dead.” My eyes are bright and filled with terror. I can’t help it, but I’m staying silent. Or should I tell them? I don’t want my father to die. I can’t tell them though. Oh, I’m so scared. My hands are shaking. Green Beret looks even angrier now. He’s coming towards me. “You’ve got one minute kid.” I won’t answer them, they will never kill father, and well I don’t think they will. He’s thrusting his watch in my face, he keeps kicking my leg and he won’t stop. Aaargh. I’m so frightened. Why does this have to happen to me? I tremble and weep. He makes one last charge at me with red eyes and everything is beginning to spin again. His words are mumbling into a swirl of confusion. The shots hammering out behind the forest’s green wall. I yelp out and cry. Everything went silence. I’m crouching down and shaking with tears as children do when their father dies. The soldiers are standing in silence. They’re all going, all of them, even Green Beret, with eyes marked with guilt. Like mine, because I know everything. I know everything about them, the caves, the trails, the hidden places and the names, and in that moment that I cried out, in that same instant, protected by frail tears far stronger than any wall of steel, they passed everywhere, like tigers across the

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