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Monogamy in America a thing of the past. Essay

  • Submitted by: swimchamp
  • on May 18, 2009
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Below is an essay on "Monogamy in America a thing of the past." from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Affairs mean different things; they are not all about sex, too many people believe once the relationship starts any involvement outside the relationship is considered infidelity. Affairs are about feeling alive in the face of discomfort and pain. Many men and women do not know where to start to find out why their significant other had the affair. Infidelity is common across all cultures in American, not just specific ones.
Affairs take place over time, and may be emotional and intense or may not even involve sex. Even if the person stops temporarily, an affair is easier to resume as long as the issue is not discussed. People have no intention of stopping affairs because they are a distraction and an enjoyment to have. Even though monogamy is the standard in American lifestyle, temptations in society make it difficult to uphold.
Not only specific people are susceptible to succumb to affairs. There has been question as to whether a single man or woman can satisfy all the needs of their partner, therefore; they seek to find one to fill needs not filled (Brown 31). Many Americans have this belief, thus adding more Americans to the already growing infidelity rate. Yet people have affairs for all different reasons (Lehman 32). A number of different reasons can cause an individual to have an affair. Affairs can happen from the most miniscule problem to the large complicated ones. Anything can cause a person to be unhappy in their relationship, and push them to have an affair. In his book, The Emotional Affair, Rohald Potter says, " The majority of people who often cheat are people who suffer from depression or unhappiness unresolved since childhood(30)." These problems are some of the biggest reasons why people have adulterous affairs today.
However, depression and unhappiness are not the only reason why people turn to adultery. When a spouse has or had to look for a sexual identity it can push them into having an affair (Lusterman 25). This happens when a spouse is...

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