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The monkey’s paw A lot of people in this world are greedy, but they can lose everything if they have too much of it. The author W.W. Jacobs is trying to state in The Monkey’s paw that greed is not good and whether or not humans/people are controlled by fate. In this story Mr. White and his wife and son have a monkeys paw and they can only make three wishes each. Mr. White and Mrs. White lose their son at the end and they want to get rid of the monkeys paw. Mr. White gets two hundred pound and also his son dies. Mr. Whites’ decision to tamper with fate ultimately brings misery to the family. Mr. White’s choice to use the monkey’s paw causes him to wish for two hundred pounds currency, leading to misery. After making his first wish, Mr. and Mrs. White meet a stranger, who informs/tells them that their son “was caught in a machinery” (55) and died. Mr. White’s son is killed by a machine. His death had to something with the monkey paw since the paw was cursed. Mr. White and Mrs. White realize that the wish had caused the death of their son. The stranger also says “they wish to present you with a certain sum of compensation” (55), and then the person hands them two hundred pounds. Mr. White gets the two pounds because of their son’s death. The monkey’s paw granted the wish but at the cost of their son’s life. Mr. White’s curiosity leads to misery and their son’s death. Mr. White son dies. "He was caught in the machinery" (55). Mr. White son had a tragic death. The death happened because of his wish. The monkey's paw is really cursed. If Mr. White didn't wish for the money then his son would have been alive. "Bring him back" "I wish my son back alive again" (56). Mrs. White wants her son back so she wanted her husband to make another wish. Mr. White wished his son was alive again but it was a bad idea. Mr. and Mrs. White wants their son be alive again but it was a

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