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Monkeys Essay

  • Submitted by: ilknurv
  • on March 27, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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  I think that wild animals belong in their natural habitats and not in the hands of individuals as pets.   According to a Washington Post article,   Jamie, a bonnet macaque monkey, made headlines by scratching a waitress in a bar in Glenn Burnie, MD in 1999 (Kelley) . He was removed from his owner and placed in Frisky’s Wildlife and Primate sanctuary.  
    Having a monkey as a pet is not a good idea. Wild animals belong in their natural habitats. They can cause many problems such as health issues, violence, etc. By nature, these animals like to be free, so they can jump from one tree to another or run around freely.
    According to the Washington Post article, some people like to have them as pets. In my opinion every creature belongs   in their home territory. There can be a lot of health issues these monkeys can be carrying such as Herpes B, a virus harmless to animals, but fatal to humans (Kelly). The Wyckoff family, neighbors to the Sanctuary, are very worried a about the dangers the sanctuary poses to their family. “I have a daughter who wants to be out roller skating and bike riding,” Julianne [Wyckoff] says. “I let her do that, but worry all the time. I say, ‘If you see anything, you run to the house.” (Kelly). By their nature, monkeys can attack children and adults. Keeping monkeys in small places such as homes, or cages, can cause these animals to become bombs waiting to explode.
    As a parent I wouldn’t agree to my kids having a monkey as a pet. If we want to see monkeys we can visit the local zoo. Wild animals have to be free to run around and not locked in cages or rooms. I love monkeys and wish that they could all live in nature.

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